Short Trips: Black Dog (5.12)

Big Finish, Short Trips

The 4th Doctor and Leela visit a planet to see the handover of the planet back to the natives. And something goes terribly wrong for Leela - it wouldn't be a Dr. Who story if something didn't go wrong, eh? There is a legend and/or god on the planet called the Black Dog. If you dream of it, then it will come to claim you, draining you of your strength and energy until you die. Or say say the legends.

So Leela dreams of the Black Dog and is pulled into its power. But in a stunning reversal, comes to hunt it with the villagers standing around. I was honestly a bit confused by the ending, though I heard the story twice. Mostly just about the Doctor's explanation of exactly what the Black Dog is. Was. Er, could've been? This is a strong Leela story and weak Doctor story, ultimately.

Louise Jameson (narrator)

Writer: Dale Smith

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: December 2015

Laura Vilensky 2017