Casualties of Time (5.8)

Big Finish, Fourth Doctor Series

As the conclusion to this two part story, it’s not a bad bit of work by Mr. Briggs, esquire. Cuthbert’s Conglomerate appears to be assisting civilizations to be able to function but it first has an indirect hand in causing the chaos that brought them to their proverbial knees in the first place. And all because of a causal network that centers on Cuthbert as he creates the Conglomerate, thus causing the issues and solutions he later takes advantage of to create the Conglomerate. It’s all a massive time headache to the nth degree, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, the interviews in the first story, The Pursuit of History, give away the involvement of the Black Guardian so that his presence isn’t a surprise at all. At first I had no idea what had set Mr Edge to cackling at the end of that story but then the interviews told it all. Sigh. I would’ve been in the percentage of people who didn’t know until this story did the reveal. And the most subtle reveal of the White Guardian at the very end of it all. And the parrot! I hope we hear more about that parrot in the TARDIS that started everything off – I’m sorry, the Ecidien Cerebus Bird. Though it almost brings to mind the story No Place Like Home with the 5th Dr, Erimem, and the errant Rovie. Ahhh. That was a good one for sure!

This story is a satisfying conclusion though a bit tame overall. A company in peril means a universe in peril as well? Hmmm. Almost like killing off the Daleks won’t allow races to be united against them sort of thing. Meh. It’s very well done but not the strongest of tales.

Tom Baker(The Doctor),Lalla Ward(Romana),John Leeson(K9/The Oortag),David Warner(Cuthbert),Toby Hadoke(Mr Dorrick),David Troughton(The Black Guardian/Edge),Jez Fielder(Drudger/Ecidien Cerebus Bird/The White Guadian/Salonu Prime),Jane Slavin(The Laan/Conglom-net Computer/Salonu).

Writer/Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: August 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019