Starlight Robbery (#176)

Big Finish Main Range

This story was actually recorded first, which is talked about in the after interviews. But this series is really getting interesting. They run across Garundel, the toad fella who was previously in Black and White, the last Ace-Hex trilogy on the books. There are little things throughout this story that are pretty interesting and fun. Klein even progresses in her feelings of mercy and compassion as people are killed around her.

The basics of this story are that a bunch of war-like races show up to a weapons auction. The Doctor is showing up to try to pinch the persuasion machine with Klein and Will Arrowsmith. Things go a bit crazy and the Sontarans defeat everyone else to “win” the machine. Which was already stolen by Garundel’s assistant. It’s a bit of a mystery how the Doctor would get away with both Will and Klein but it does work out, though a bit strangely. Then the ending is another twist to the tale tacked on to a rather twisted tale to begin with. Big Finish always has a way of living up to its name! Especially in these three part stories…

Sylvester McCoy, Tracey Childs (Elizabeth Klein), Christian Edwards (Will Arrowsmith), Stuart Milligan (Garundel), Dan Starkey (Sontarans)

Writers: Matt Fitton

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: August 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019