Unit: Dominion

Big Finish Special Release

How to talk about this story without giving away the “big” surprise? Well, this story begins with the Doctor and Raine getting dragged into an alternate universe by a distress signal. The Doctor chooses to assist a race of beings who are being drained dry by the millions by a stone that is growing in their soil. The story of the Doctor runs in parallel with another Doctor on Earth, working with Klein and UNIT to figure out things about the stone that has grown in the soil on Earth. The stone becomes the least of the worries in the story as various beasts from other dimensions start appearing on Earth, with UNIT on call to take care of the problems. And yes, the Doctors do eventually meet. Eventually. Then things get really interesting! Dominion is the name of the base the ultimate bad guy creates using the Time Lord technology, so it’s a subtle display of the bad guy and the technology he gets ahold of.

The acting is fabulous, the story is long and really good as well. I had to wait awhile to listen to it because Big Finish put out the first episode on a podcast, prior to when I was ready to listen to it! That first episode actually put me off as I was a bit weirded out by the two different Doctors storylines. Just wasn’t sure what I was getting into and I really enjoyed the surprise, too! I hadn’t heard anything about it – Big Finish is somehow really good at keeping the surprises a surprise. Or I just manage to keep away from the online spoilers. Well worth the wait!

Sylvester McCoy, Tracey Childs (Elisabeth Klein), Beth Chalmers (Raine Creevy), Alex MacQueen, with Sophie Aldred

Writer: Nicholas Briggs and Jason Arnopp

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: December 2012

Laura Vilensky 2019