Order of the Daleks (#218)

Big Finish Main Range

Constance Clarke and the 6th Doctor land on Strellin to take in the idyllic sites and instead find two Galactic Census takers on the planet, accusing them of interfering with the culture before they can barely get started. This is a new one – it’s almost a star trek thing where you’re not supposed to interfere in a planet’s development at this level of technology. And who would interfere except a species that doesn’t care about such designations, like the Daleks? These Daleks are an elite strike team who crashed on the planet and have stronger-than-normal psionic powers. On a planet with a plant that produces strong psionic side effects. So naturally, things go bad quickly but Constance and the Doctor are there to stop the Daleks, despite the assistance of the head Galactic Census man, Pendle, who is well out of his depth on this assignment.

This story sees Constance going out on her own and doing a great job of trying to take care of things to help the Doctor. And there’s even a silent person who makes the occasional scraping noise but never talks, though he’s included in the action, helping others out. I rather enjoyed this story though I didn’t love it.

Colin Baker(The Doctor),Miranda Raison(Constance Clarke),John Savident(Pendle),Olivia Hallinan(Asta),Robbie Stevens(Boswyck/Raspak),Sam Fletcher(Rosco/Gabber),Joseph Kloska(Habrild), andNicholas Briggs(Tanapal and The Daleks). Other parts portrayed by members of the cast.

Writer: Mike Tucker

Director: Jamie Anderson

Release: November 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019