Wirrn Isle (#158)

Big Finish Main Range

I rather enjoyed the interactions between Flip and the Doctor in this audio, as he’s got more of a parental relationship with Flip than he’s had with any of his other companions. She is a bit more unconcerned about danger until it actually happens than Peri ever was, for example! The odd thing about this audio drama is the Wirrn – they are a threatening-yet-innocuous bad guy in Dr. Who terms. They will merge with you or take over your body or lay eggs to eat your but they can reason and aren’t looking to take over the universe. So not intrinsically evil, just a completely different way of looking at the universe. An actually alien thought process!

So yes, a bad guy yet just another species in the universe. I didn’t feel like Flip was ever really in danger so the threat level wasn’t all that high. And once again, she’s off doing her own thing, being threatened on her own. Not that the companion and Doctor separating is a bad thing but we’ve hardly seen Flip and the Doctor actually working together yet! So an episode where they’re together 80% or more of the time would be very nice to see. And Toasty? Really? Okay they. That’s a name indeed as I kept thinking she looked like a marshmallow. So this was a good story overall but I was just looking for something with more interactions with the companion.

Colin Baker and Lisa Greenwood

Writer: William Gallagher

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: March 2012

Laura Vilensky 2019