Return of the Krotons

Big Finish - Special Release

The interview at the end with Philip Madoc is very odd as usually David Richardson is interviewing multiple people from a story. But he has a very deep, resonant voice, and he was in the original Krotons story so he was telling tales from the TV series as well. It was nice but odd somehow…

But that pretty much describes this story. Charlie and the 6th Doctor land on this planet, Onyakis, get caught up in circumstances, left to die, captured by Krotons (who return to life pretty darn quickly on the power of just 2 minds), the Doctor discovers and elegant solution to the problem while the rest of the humans are all plugged in still. And it turns out Charley has an elevated mind as well. Shocking. Not.

So this story was an interesting listen but the Doctor really is there to mop things up this time instead of being “in” on the issue from the beginning. The issue begins before he arrives so there was little chance he would be able to stop it anyway but usually he gives it a try. He just gets caught up in events and solves them, which really works out nicely in this story! But it just wasn’t very engaging and I didn’t feel like the Krotons were much of a threat. ‘Put on these headphones and we will destroy your minds.’ Really? Huh. Wow. How about I unplug these from the machine and pretend instead? Eh, just not much of a menace, it seemed to me.

Colin Baker, India Fisher, Philip Madoc

Writer/Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: December 2009

Laura Vilensky 2019