Judoon in Chains (CD, NM 1.2)

Big Finish - Classic Doctors, New Monsters, Vol. 1

This story revolves around a trial of a Judoon called Kybo who discovers he cannot cooperate with the directive to destroy all life on a far away planet. The court room in Victorian England becomes the location of the trial and there are more parties listening in than any of them realize…

Ultimately, the 6thDoctor’s bombastic style and penchant for overdramatization come in handy at a trial. A fantastic idea for the setting and storyline. I love the fact that the story unfolds over the course of the trial, with the ultimate issue being the company who ordered the decimation of the planet. How can they say that there are no indigenous species when there are forests and animals roaming the planet as it is, let alone the mysterious invisible species to blame for everything, while attempting to save themselves. Fantastically done! Very appropriate for the 6thDoctor.

Colin Baker(The Doctor),Nicholas Briggs(Captain Kybo/Commander),Kiruna Stamell(Eliza Jenkins),Trevor Cooper(Jonathan Jaggers Esq/Mr Preddle),Tony Millan(Justice Burrows/Jonty),Sabina Franklyn(President Beel/Aetius/Herculania),Nicholas Pegg(Meretricious Gedge/Billy),Barnaby Edwards(Judoon Computer). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Writer: Simon Barnard and Paul Morris

Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: July 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019