You are the Doctor (#207)

Big Finish Main Range

These are four stories all tied together by Ace trying to fly the TARDIS. She eventually gives up but not until at least these four tales are woven…

You are the Doctor –by– John Dorney

5 out of 5 jelloids

This story has a pretty fun premise, with the Doctor and Ace playing along in a “choose your own adventure” type of story. Yet the still manage to be themselves and break out of it, eventually. I loved reading these stories as a kid so it was definitely a nostalgic kick for me. The Earth (?) has been conquered by the Porcenes, a piggy race that usually stumbles around making silly mistakes to screw up their invasion plans.

This time, however, they’ve managed to capture an ancient creature that rejuvenates anyone when they die, allowing them to go back to the start. Something they use excessively until it’s too late. And the humans, though it doesn’t sound like it’s Earth by the end of the tale, come back to exact revenge on the invaders once the alien is freed by the Doctor and Ace. This tale just felt perfect in length and story arc. It fit together wonderfully!

Come Die with Me –by– Jamie Anderson

4 out of 5 jelloids

This story is very atmospheric, with a spooky old house, a mysterious Mr. Norris, and a murder mystery in progress for many years. The trap is set, Ace springs it by accident and the Doctor has to figure it all out. But of course things go slightly wonky and our heroes have to rescue themselves twice. I just didn’t love it. It’s nicely done but not a favorite by far.

The Grand Betelgeuse Hotel –by– Christopher Cooper

3 out of 5 jelloids

This is the most confusing of the three stories as it opens with Ace on trial, though she doesn’t know what she’s on trial for. So the story evolves in flashbacks, with her telling the story, despite what the prosecutor wants. The Doctor and Ace walk in on a robbery at the Grand Betelgeuse Hotel and pretend to be part of the gang, which only consists of two members that don’t really trust each other. They’ve come to rob the vaults of valuables and manage to put the staff out of the way and work their way into vault access with the help of the Doctor. Then it all goes pear shaped with the Doctor and one of the robbers being lost in an explosion while the other thief is shot. So in the end, Ace was pre-determined to be guilty and put into a dispersal chamber, where she finds… the Doctor, of course! Not a surprise ending, ultimately, but satisfying.

Dead to the World –by– Matthew Elliot

3 of 5 jelloids

The Doctor and Ace walk into a strange situation on the spaceship Daedalus, which is in orbit over the Earth. Presumably, anyway. They passengers and crew have been dying horribly and there’s a power drain to make things even more challenging. The three remaining people on board are trapped and just waiting to die. Or at least be rescued. But the Captain of the ship has realized the cause of the deaths and doesn’t want a signal to get out which would destroy the human race. The Doctor knows about the Daedalus Disaster from the history books but ends up helping the Captain to prevent the destruction of all human life on Earth. Though this story is generally good, I can’t help wondering how the Captain figured it all out and how the alien species really expects a signal to destroy everyone. Seems risky – if something gets in the way at all, the plan is done for. Long distance death radio waves don’t seem to haveagood chance of doing the job, ultimately.

Sylvester McCoy(The Doctor),Sophie Aldred(Ace),Jon Culshaw(Keith/Guard/Chafal),Kim Wall(Chimbly),Nadine Marshall(Katrice/Kordel),Amrita Acharia(The Resurrectionist/Clerk),Juliet Cowan(Bryer/Adriana Beauvais),Oliver Dimsdale(Morecombe/Mervyn Garvey),George Potts(Ruben/Guard),Vinette Robinson(Cynthia Quince)

Writer:John Dorney, Jamie Anderson, Christopher Cooper, Matthew Elliott

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: January 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019