Swan Song (3.3)

Big Finish Jago and Litefoot Series

Alice indeed. A woman in a wheelchair in the future, part of a project where they are experimenting with time travel in relatively the same location as the New Regency Theater stood. The fabric between the future and past is fragile thanks to Dr. Payne’s experiments and the people working on this time technology for him are in the future and doing their best to pull it apart. Though strangely, Dr. Payne never shows up in this story. This is something that doesn’t make sense to me. He has a possible “solution” to time travel in his grasp and he just lets it go? Doesn’t visit at the crutial time? Very odd that.

We discover a good many things about Jago and his theater in this story. And their relationship. It’s quite the most interesting part of the tale! I really enjoyed it because of that, ultimately.

Christopher Benjamin(Henry Gordon Jago),Trevor Baxter(Professor Litefoot),Louise Jameson(Leela),Lisa Bowerman(Ellie Higson),Conrad Asquith(Sergeant Quick),Warren Brown(Johnny Skipton),Andrew Westfield(Davie),Alex Mallinson(The Wet Man),Joanna Bacon(Mrs Hitch),Eden Monteath(Clara),Joanna Monro(Mum/Time Eater),Duncan Wisbey(The Little Man/Nikola Tesla),Abigail Hollick(Alice),Hywel Morgan(Dan),Andrew Westfield(Stephen),Phillip Bretherton(Elliot Payne),Wendy Padbury(Time Eater). Other parts played by members of the cast.

Writer: John Dorney

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: June 2011

Laura Vilensky 2019