And You Will Obey Me (#211)

Big Finish Main Range

I rather enjoyed this story with its huge cast of characters. How many different species can chase the Master all over the galaxies before they actually succeed in killing him? At least 3, apparently. And the 4 humans that teamed up under the Master’s hypnotic powers are really interesting to consider. Though Mikey does escape the influence, he never escapes the Master. And the kids talk through what they did back in the 80’s to help the Master, they all act like they did horrific things under his influence but never exactly say what would be that horrific… It’s a bit odd, that. But this is a great story overall!

Peter Davison(The Doctor),Geoffrey Beevers(The Master),Sheena Bhattessa(Annie),Alex Foley(Colin),Peta Cornish(Helen/Jade Nymph),Russ Bain(Mikey/Grigor),Tessa Coates(Janine),Nick Ellsworth(Gomphus/Auctioneer). Other parts portrayed by the cast

Writer: Alan Barnes

Director: Jamie Anderson

Release: April 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019