The One Doctor (#27)

Big Finish Main Range

I’ve been looking forward to re-listening to this one. I just love this adventure! I can’t say it’s #1 on my list anymore with sooooo many that have come since this one but I can say that it is DEFINITELY a 6th Dr. Classic. With a capital C. J The narrator is fun, the way the music goes is fun, the story is just fun, need I say more? 6 out of 5 jelloids? Ha!

Oh, alright. More it is. Not only is the dialog clever and sexy, er, witty, the characters are just fun! Even the cylinder has personality. The acting is good, the ideas refreshing, and they have quite the take on the treasures, too. The long-lived jelloids. The assemblers. Mentos and his game. I could just go on for ages but why? Even using different music for the intro and ending are fun! And the little Christmas chatter at the end of the last episode is fun, though the talk show extended version at the end has to be the weakest part of the whole adventure.

Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford

Writers: Clayton Hickman and Gareth Roberts

Director: G-Russell

Release: December 2001

Laura Vilensky 2019