The Magic Mousetrap (#120)

Big Finish Main Range

WOW! If you can avoid knowing who the bad guy is in this audio, please do. It made my experience pretty darn amazing when I listened to it. I heard about this bad guy – that he would be coming back. However, I didn’t know it was this audio. So in a way it wasn’t a surprise but it was a pleasant consideration during the audio. What’s really going on here?

I really liked this audio as there were a lot of characters running around, being very human and interacting how they usually do. It’s very confusing at times as Ace and Hex aren’t Ace and Hex, or are they? But it all mostly makes sense when it’s revealed in episode 3 what is really going on. Then the cat’s out of the bag, so to speak, and things go all a bit paisley, with the bad guy coming back out of the walls.

There is a 20’s/flapper feel to how everyone’s acting, as we find our heroes at an asylum where they take runs daily. The Doctor is showing up daily without a clue that things are the same as they were the day before. And the bad guy comes out of the wall as he originally planned, I think, with a vengeance. Literally, it seems. But the Doctor figures it all out, naturally. Not without some help, though. Another person takes the responsibility and for once, he doesn’t have the final solution in hand. And there really is no way for him to go back and assist or change things. This definitely has a sad ending but one filled with hope for human beings in general. Sentimental tear, anyone?

Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Philip Olivier

Writer: Matthew Sweet

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: April 2009

Laura Vilensky 2019