Scavenger (#184)

Big Finish Main Range

I found this story more confusing than most with the action at times. Maybe that was deliberate but it was actually a bit distracting. The 6th Doctor is busy doing his thing, taking over consoles and moving satellites around. Flip is working with Jhoti, an Indian astronaut, trying to avoid dying in space. But the real threat is Scavenger, an alien probe that is looking to scavenge Earth technology.

Scavenger arrives on Earth hundreds of years ago then shuts down because technology isn’t advanced enough. Why not just move on? Why bother waiting for technology to move forward? It sits in orbit for 400 years. At that point, the planet where it came from would have even more advanced technology and the current Earth technology would be quaint old junk by then. Seems a bit pointless. So the basis for this story doesn’t make much sense. The human portions are good but the alien space debris angle just doesn’t really work for me.

Colin Baker, Lisa Greenwood

Writer: William Gallagher

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: March 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019