Time Reaver (1.2)

Big Finish - Special Release

This story is more of a classic 10th Doctor story, where there’s a big bad guy, a small bad guy, and a moral to the story with a reversal on the roles you may or may not see coming. There’s a terrible weapon, the Time Reaver, which takes away part of your life and makes the experience good or bad, based on the situation you’re in when it’s used. Sounds like a serious parallel to drugs in some ways. It’s a run story and there’s danger at every turn but the Doctor manages to get things fixed up, though once again, someone sacrifices themself on behalf of the Doctor to save the planet. Sigh. That gets to be a bit old and is very typical of the 10th Doctor stories. A part I’m just not fond of, I’ll admit. Still a great story!

David Tennant(The Doctor),Catherine Tate(Donna Noble),Alex Lowe(Soren),Sabrina Bartlett(Cora),Terry Molloy(Rone),John Banks(Gully),Dan Starkey(Dorn)

Writer: Jenny T Colgan

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: May 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019