The Ratings War

Big Finish - Special Release

I don’t recall the Beep the Meep but I never read the Dr. Who comic books. I do LOVE Frobisher as he is portrayed by Robert Jezek (apparently I’m one of the few) but though I do like the concept of Beep, it doesn’t impress me in the audio. It’s a typical adventure for the 6th Doctor where he blusters and blunders his way through things, disarming Beep and his machinations as he goes. So this audio story is fine and has some fun moments but I really didn’t find it all that good in execution. It definitely sounds like an “old school” Big Finish story as the sound effects and basic elements of the story aren’t as polished as later releases. But this is a short tale originally released in Doctor Who Magazine so it serves its purpose. I just didn’t really enjoy it much at this point, in 2014.

Colin Baker, Toby Longworth (Beep the Meep)

Writer: Steve Lyons

Director: Gary Russell

Release: 2002 (August 2011)

Laura Vilensky 2019