Big Finish - Special Release

I have seen (and still own the US version of Shada on VHS) the pieced together Tom Baker version of Shada and though it was fun, this story is just a blast to listen to! The actors sound like they’re having a fun time doing it and Skagra is just as mean as he wants to be. The Krargs manage to defeat K-9, eventually, and there are a couple of humans along for the ride, Clare and Chris. And THE Professor Chronotis, of course. Somehow Skagra puts together a think tank of brilliant minds, who create a sphere that steals minds. Skagra then goes off in search of a Gallifreyan book, The Ancient and Worshipful Lore of Gallifrey, which will give him the key to finding Shada and Salyavin, who’s unique in his power to take over other minds. Quite the little parlor trick that and definitely not a common thing for a Time Lord.

So the adventure ensues. And it’s just fun and fantastic to listen to. The adventure takes us to Earth and Skagra’s lair and on to even Shada. I just really loved the story, even in the little things where they find an invisible ship that the Doctor controls because it thinks he is dead. Amazing little touches that Douglas Adams put in. Well worth a listen!

Paul McGann (8thDoctor), Lalla Ward (Romana II), John Leeson (K-9 Mark II), James Fox (Prof Chronotis), Andrew Sachs (Skagra), Sean Biggerstaff (Chris Parsons), Susannah Harker (Clare Keightley)

Writer: Douglas Adams (with changes by Gary Russell)

Director: Nicholas Pegg

Release: December 2003

Laura Vilensky 2019