The Blame Game (6.07)

Big Finish - Short Trips Season 6

This story stars Liz Shaw and the 3rd Doctor, who is attempting to circumvent the laws of the Time Lords that confined him to planet Earth for a time. Courtesy of the Meddling Monk, who most certainly has objectives of his very own! Though what those objectives are, ultimately, just isn’t very clear to me. Hmmm. I love that Liz hitches a ride, they stop off in a space ship, it’s diverted using a non-verbal language by the Doctor, and things progress from there. And the looks she gives to the Monk! Fantastic. He explains what he’s trying to do but I still don’t understand. Hmmm. At least Liz is smart enough to liberate a few items from the Monk’s spare parts cabinet. And he totally deserves that! This is a fun, tragic, and telling story of the 3rd Doctor, mostly, and his attitude toward Humans as a species. And we can appreciate how it’s grown since the time of John Pertwee’s Doctor, too.

Narrator: Rufus Hound

Writer:Ian Atkins

Release: July 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019