Ringpullworld (#4.05)

Big Finish, Companion Chronicles

The novelizers are made use of in other stories but here it definitely makes the story. Novelizer Huxley is ‘attached’ to Turlough inside of the Ringpullworld – a world where creatures called the BeyanHofreyAnat have been trapped by the rest of the universe a very long time ago. Turlough thinks they should be released back into the current universe from the small tin can they are currently trapped in. But he stops short of accomplishing this goal and is recaptured by the BeyanHofreyAnat. And in his prison cell, Narrator Huxley, whom Turlough frequently calls Hippo (a fellow student from the Brendon school), tells Turlough that he can flash forward to three possible endings to Turlough’s current story, two of which are very bad for him. Huxley lets Turlough experience the third possible ending then the BeyanHofreyAnat come for him.

So we technically don’t know which ending comes about, though I think it’s safe to assume the third one, which allows Turlough to live. Turlough is one of my very favorite companions on Doctor Who so this is a pleasure to listen to. Mark Strickson reveals that he just spent a couple of days with Peter Davison so his mannerisms for the 5th Doctor were easy to do for him. I really enjoy the concept of the Novelizers from Verbatim Six though they can be very annoying. Huxley shows up in Companion Chronicle 5.03, Find and Replace. But this story is heavy on talking without very much action described during the story. It’s very talking-heavy and focused on Turlough and his relationship with Huxley. Good stuff though I prefer Loups Garoux with Turlough. And it appears that the “start” of the TARDIS being controlled by the Time Lords is noticed here and comes to its conclusion in No Place Like Home, I believe.

Mark Strickson (Vislor Turlough) and Alex Lowe (Novelizer Huxley)

Writer: Paul Magrs

Director: Neil Roberts

Release: November 2009

Laura Vilensky 2019