The Creed of the Kromon (#53)

Big Finish Main Range

This adventure starts out with a bit of a bang, as weapons are blazing and C’Rizz is introduced. And the Kroka! Setting his experiments in motion with the Doctor as the primary target. A promising start that kind of fizzles out. Why didn’t the Oroog free themselves earlier by shutting off the water supply? Did they just not think of it until a contrary element was introduced in the Dr. and Charley? Charley recovered rather conveniently. The revolution in the zone went rather easily. Things just went swimmingly well, despite the fact that Charley was converted into a big ole breeding Kromon-Human hybrid! Yuck.

The Kroka “warns” the Doctor about loyalties and that C’Rizz is a peaceful monk. But we later discover that this is a lie as he was a monk of a fanatical, warrior sect. Well, indirectly we discover that. Basically the adventure rollicks along until the Doctor begins the escape plans with the bomb. Then it actually gets tedious as they “race” against “time” to save Charley before she’s converted into a hybrid breeding momma. And it’s all wrapped up nice and neat. The dialog and acting are good. The plot just is too easy. Perhaps that’s why Philip Martin’s only written this adventure… I wouldn’t know. I’d prefer that, however, to Robert Ross’s disasters, Medicinal Purposes and Pier Pressure. Urg. Those were just the height of blah. Gee. Can’t wait for Assassin in the Limelight to come out in 2008.

Overall, this is a good introduction to the zones of the new world and their intrigues. Though I can’t call it a universe since they’re pretty much stuck on one planet. Though is it a planet? What powerful race could create a second sun and divide up a planet into different zones like the Corporation did? And I don’t recall (but I’ll find out soon enough) whether each zone is actually another part of the same planet with 2 suns or a different planet/place. The start is okay to good. Now on to the Natural History of Fear. Maybe this one should’ve been called Cred of the Kromon, to give it a modern-day feel. Hehehe. Maybe not then!

Paul McGann, India Fisher, and Conrad Westmaas

Writer: Philip Martin

Director: Gary Russell

Release: January 2004

Laura Vilensky 2019