Memory Lane (#88)

Big Finish Main Range

The ending to this audio is a bit on the weak side. Okay, the Doctor isn’t a vengeance sort of guy but he usually gives the bad guys who torture himself and keep others prisoners some sort of taste of their own medicine type of thing. Let them off AND give them some technology to make their lives easier and more interesting? Tom Braudy was in their prison for over 100 years! Very odd that ending.

Kim and C’Rizz get along about as well as siblings, or else people who are like each other! Hehehe. That relationship is rather fun to listen to—a bit antagonistic and yet they like each other, too. Just don’t tell them that! And meeting Lady Louisa Pollard is intriguing as well. The ideas work pretty well but it’s just not that interesting overall. We’ve seen this type of prison technology previously in the Holy Terror. Eddie Robson also wrote ID & Urgent Calls, which are very good. This one doesn’t nearly match it for the danger quotient or emotional punch. It’s good but not great or amazing. I like the icecream truck metaphor and that they cough up the pineapple flavored goop that keeps them in the world of the prison. That ending, though, unusual but not enough to make me like it that much.

Paul McGann, India Fisher, and Conrad Westmaas

Writer: Eddie Robson

Director: G-Russell

Release: October 2006

Laura Vilensky 2019