Alien Heart - Dalek Soul (#224)

Big Finish Main Range

This story takes place on the planet Traxana, where the first part of the story the Doctor and Nyssa are trying to figure out a mystery. The mystery, to me, is why the Daleks wait until the last minute to show up in the first story! They aren’t normally this hands off in their stories…

There’s a string of missing planets, wiped from existence over 30 years. Who else could perpetrate such a massive crime? Not the cell spiders but someone more devious. So we have the makings of a mystery, though it’s really given away with the title of this story, to be honest. A bit disappointing that.

Then the second story has a mystery of its own – how is the Doctor being so cruel? How did they get to Mojox when it seems that it’s a continuation of the Traxana story? That’s not the Doctor, though it sure sounds like him. It’s a mystery to figure out what is REALLY going on. Plus we aren’t given the resolution to the previous story until near the end of this second one. It all comes together and makes sense but it is ultimately a bit boring. The interviews did help sway me towards liking this one better as Nicholas Briggs talked about trying something different with the Daleks. I respect that and this is different as they don’t automatically exterminate. But it’s all just a bit like watching a mystery where the mystery’s named after the killer. Not so exciting after all, though fun to listen to.

Peter Davison(The Doctor),Sarah Sutton(Nyssa),Eve Webster(Sonderal),Geoffrey Newland(Elthar),Alex Tregear(Theebe),Vineeta Rishi(Falex), andNicholas Briggs(The Daleks)

Writer: Stephen Cole, Guy Adams

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: April 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019