The Bride of Peladon (#104)

Big Finish Main Range

Whoa! Huh. Sekmet is one mean old girl! Many people die and things go crazy, of course. Osirans, eh? The last of the Osirans gone crazy after lots of years alone in the dark. fun stuff! hmmm. That is the briefest of summaries. I like the fact that things are mysterious and strange for awhile and somewhat of a challenge to understand what’s going on. It’s not convoluted, just mysterious. And perhaps that’s why the situation is not actually that threatening. I liked it overall, that’s for sure. But it reminds me a bit of Son of the Dragon. Dangerous yet not really that threatening to our heroes, though the Count was a bit more unstable than anyone in this story!

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The story of Erimem seems to go from man to man in these audios. Erimem leaves the Doctor and Peri to stay with Pelleas and get married, have kids. Strangely, Peri mentions to the Doctor at the beginning of another adventure “how he can be so calm after what happened to Erimem” or something of the like. It’s just rather tame, the departure. Though I have to admit that the Doctor is much more touched by Erimem’s departure than he is later about C’Rizz’s departure. He gets quite maudlin, to be sure. Hehehe. I really like Peri’s departing shot. The Dr: "They all leave." Peri: "When I leave, it’s not going to be because I’m going to marry some alien king." Which of course she does do! Hehehe. One nice touch at the end of the tale…

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The story overall is basically good but not outstanding. All the right things happen where we don’t see the villain until later on in the story. I guess all of the stories can’t be tense roller coasters and this one is interesting but not fabulous. I’m struggling with the rating, though, because it’s just a nice story but can nice stories, without many holes or problems with them, get a better rating? It’s a good story but there isn’t a lot to the suspense end of things. So it’s a three jelloid rating with a hearty endorsement.

Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant, and Caroline Morris

Writer/Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: January 2008

Laura Vilensky 2019