1001 Nights (#168)

Big Finish Main Range

This story has good and bad parts. I really like the stories that Nyssa tells but the current timeline is where the good story ends. It makes sense and yet it doesn’t—the creature that is the sultan can only get the energy together for one change a lifetime but he changes into the Sultan and the Doctor in the story. Mind you, it could be over 100 years or more but it’s never quite clear, though there are some times mentioned. Sara Sutton does a great job of “working” with the “new” Doctor who doesn’t actually want to live the life of the real Doctor. And the real Doctor is “cured” yet the alien Doctor is busy running from the legacy of the Doctor. It’s all a bit confusing and somehow it’s never really cleared up for me. Though the stories are great to listen to, the “final” story is a letdown to me. Perhaps it’s because there are 4 writers on the project that it seems so disjointed? Never know.

Peter Davison and Sara Sutton

Writers: Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie, Jonathan Barnes, Catherine Harvey

Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: December 2012

Laura Vilensky 2019