Big Finish Special Release

Wow. The research Dan Abnett had to do for this story! Unless he was into the music scene quite heavily, that is. I honestly never heard of any of the musicians mentioned in this story! It may also be a British vs. USA music scene thing. The story and scene is set quite vividly and everything unfolds in a normal, understandable sense, with the ultimate goal for the Doctor to get the record he’s looking for. A record with living ideas on it that will take over the world. Indeed. My biggest issue with this story is that our Tweaker, Alan Collins, just hands over the record. And his change of mind is quite abrupt, to be honest. There’s no real reason or anything, he just changes his mind. It’s that thing the Doctor does without really doing it, where people just trust him? It’s difficult to say. Like the story but the ending was a bit abrupt for me.

FromShort Trips: Transmissions.

Read By: John Banks (Nyssa and the 5thDoctor)

Writer: Dan Abnett

Release: January 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019