The Marian Conspiracy (#6)

Big Finish Main Range

The introduction of Evelyn Smythe as a character is absolutely a winner here. That’s the best part of this audio. Overall it’s good but not fantastic. The first part is the very best, where Evelyn shows herself not willing to put up with the comments or foibles of Colin Baker’s pompous Doctor. He is my favorite of the recent Doctors but it’s a tossup of whether he or Patrick Troughton’s Doctor are the best, for me. I like all of the other ones but the twitchy ones are my favorite. I saw the most of Tom Baker’s episodes growing up but eh, not as much fun as the other ones. Too steady and rational for me! ;)

Anyway, I’m not overly fond of the period pieces in Doctor Who, though they do work usually. I don’t know enough details of British history to really question the facts in these dramas. Instead I tend to enjoy them and hope that I’m learning something about British history! This audio is wonderful for it’s introduction of Evelyn, a perfect foil to Colin Baker’s Doctor, but it gets kind of tedious with the plots and counterplots going on. Even the cheekiness of the Reverend Thomas doesn’t quite elevate it above enjoyable. It’s enjoyable but not an audio I think “wow! I’ve gotta listen to that one again.”

The acting is good overall. The storyline decent. I just don’t go back to this one as a favorite amongst the early audios. I’d have to say that Dr. Who and the Pirates and Bloodtide are the best of the Evelyn adventures. There are other good ones and the potential for so much more but somehow they don’t quite have the kick that those two do.

Colin Baker and Maggie Stables

Writer: Jacqueline Rayner

Director: G-Russell

Release: March 2000

Laura Vilensky 2019