The Shrine of Sorrows

Big Finish - Short Trips, Special Release

This story begins with Nut, our narrator, describing her trek into the forest that will be her trek into adulthood with her two companions, Geb and Shue, on the first day of winter. There are strange things happening but they continue onwards, towards the Shrine of Sorrows in the center of the forest. But on their travels they find the Doctor and Ace, saying hello from along the path a few days in. And thus their travels to the Shrine of Sorrows get infinitely more interesting and more hazardous. Though this is to be the last time this path is traveled, no matter what. For the Lord of Sorrows is no longer imprisoned as he should be.

This must be the shortest winter ever – the kids travel into the forest for 7 days to get the shrine, then two return the first day of spring but isn’t that just a 7 day walk? Would the Lord of Sorrows keep them for a few months and let them go? And is there some sort of “god-like creature” detector in the TARDIS that’s turned on for all of the 7th Doctor’s travels? It’s a bit ridiculous at this point, I’d say. But there is an explanation, we know, as that is his incarnation’s task as it cannot be the task of any who’ve come before or after him. Or perhaps is that just a theory? Anyway, that always bugs me. Told from the perspective of Nut, the girl of the trio, it’s a fascinating listen. And well done overall for such a short timeframe. A success at 34 minutes!

Narrator: Stephen Critchlow

Writer: Julian Richards

Release: September 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019