The Necropolis Express (2.2)

Big Finish Jago and Litefoot Series

Jago and Litefoot want to inter Elly in sacred ground before she possibly wakes up, thanks to the unkind ministrations of Saunders. So they go on the “necropolis express” train with the bodies and get caught up in an adventure there, with an old colleague of Litefoot who is bringing corpses back to life in order to provide England with an army of the undead. Ick factor is high on this one. Of course nothing goes quite right, Elly wakes up, and they all have to escape back to London. Where Litefoot rifles through Saunders’s notes to look for a cure for Elly’s condition. Meanwhile someone comes to meet Elly at the Red Tavern…

This story is a bit convenient for me, with the scientist who just happens to be an ex-colleague of Litefoot and Elly being the one he wants to do experiments on. Just not as good as the first story.

Christopher Benjamin(Henry Gordon Jago),Trevor Baxter(Professor Litefoot),Lisa Bowerman(Ellie),Conrad Asquith(Sergeant Quick),David Collings(Gabriel Sanders),Chloe Howman(Mags),Alex Mallinson(Landlord/The Station Master/Fosco/Creature),Vernon Dobtcheff(Reuben Mord),Jennie Stoller(Madame Deuteronomy),Simon Williams(Lord Ruthven),Duncan Wisbey(Dr Orman Sacker)

Writer: Mark Morris

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: January 2011

Laura Vilensky 2019