Plague of the Daleks (#129)

Big Finish Main Range

This is the best of the Stockbridge trilogy but there are some odd moments. For example, Lysette and Nyssa are in the tunnels first Nyssa loses hope and Lysette supports her then in the very next clip, it’s reversed. It almost seems like one of them should’ve had the dialog on the positive side only but they decided to switch it up at the last minute. It’s just odd.

For most of this audio, the Doctor and Nyssa are separated, figuring things out on their own. Nyssa even outsmarts a Dalek and it dies! And Nicholas Briggs is Dobson—I was wondering who got to play him as he’s in it only for half a moment.

<spoiler alert>

I couldn’t quite figure out what was bothering me about this audio until I listened to it a second time. The Doctor creates a retrovirus that destroys the Dalek cells but it only affects Daleks and the zombies they created? Not servitors? Is that a mechanical implant for some reason? Well, Stockbridge wouldn’t be destroyed if it affected servitors so I guess it had to go that way but it feels a bit awkward.

<spoilers done>

So it was a good story and the best of the three and I usually am not as keen on the Dalek stories in general. They’re not my favorite baddie, what can I say? But the extras are very good on this one, perhaps because the cast is so small. They even get people to chat about the story who are only in it for 5 minutes! Peter Davison explains how he saw Daleks at a museum and they’re very fast, smaller, and more frightening than he initially would’ve thought, basically. Interesting as they’re never really seen to move fast in the TV show…

The Three Companions extra story this time dragged a bit. Mostly because it was from Thomas Brewster’s perspective. He has to be the worst companion ever created (though I am also not fond of Fitz but I’ve only read one book with him in it) and I just can’t empathize with him at all. Even Tegan, though annoying, had her charming moments. Brewster? Not so much. Turlough is just the gold standard of the duplicitous companion who has a good heart and both Fitz and Brewster don’t even come close to being half-way as complex and interesting as characters. Bring back Turlough!

Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton

Writer: Mark Morris

Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: December 2009

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