The Doomsday Quatrain (#151)

Big Finish Main Range

I have questions about this audio. I love the concept of the TARDIS being “confused” for once and Nostradamus running around, while the Poldigans (sp?) sell their bio unit scenarios to the Croh Collective. It really is a cool concept overall but why are the security people so ineffective? There are only 4 Poldigans on the whole facility until they’re being slaughtered? Really? Maybe that’s just a quirk of making the audio story work but it seems bizarre that they’re available for slaughter and not for anything else. And didn’t Brors think about what he’s creating?

And despite all of their “advances,” The Doctor conveniently plays to the basic prejudices of the Croh and gets them to destroy themselves. It feels strange to hear him agree to help the Croh and without a companion to question this direction, it just gets weird. Though Gariland and Nostradamus take the place of companions at different points in the story, they don’t quite have the same impact. And though I liked this story, there were just moments when I though “Really? I don’t think that seems right. No, Really?” So it’s a good story but I can’t give it an excellent rating.

Sylvester McCoy (with David Schofield)

Writers: Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: September 2011

Laura Vilensky 2019