The Integral (10.3)

Big Finish Special Release

Initially thought this might be about a mathematical formula but it turns out, not so much. There is an alien race who is cooperating with the humans to control the emotional output of humans with a psychological disease created by playing a violent video game. There is a doctor attempting to replicate the properties of this race using a machine as well, though the energy source is very finite and fails at an inopportune time!

This story really focuses on Jamie's learning experience, his first growing up experience where he starts to learn empathy for the opinions of others. He can experience the concept of how other people think, which keeps him from being able to make the snap decisions required for a fight. So his special "power" is the ability to just fight without worrying about the consequences - the physical fight, anyway. The Doctor takes it two steps beyond and does consider the consequences for others and his friends, plus the universe as a whole. So we get to see the focus fall on Jamie through the eyes of Zoe, which is the analytical examining the learning and anger of the fighter. And depending on it to defend her! Great stuff.

Frazer Hines(Jamie),Wendy Padbury(Zoe)

Writer: David Bartlett

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: June 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019