Planetfall (9.2)

Big Finish Blake’s 7 Liberator Chronicles IX

Avon and Cally are at a pleasure waystation – a place to gamble and live your life in luxury. They were sent a message to come to get a list of names of undercover agents that work for the Federation in the resistance. And the former governor of Mars is there, Solvan Tarak, who we find out has a history with a particular crew member. And that forms the backbone of this story andSecretsto follow. So I won’t ruin it except to say that things go crazy wrong, with a Federation spy on their tail, who tries to kill Cally. The whole ending is a bit convoluted in a good way, too. Nicely done all around. Liked this one a lot!

Paul Darrow, Jan Chappell, David Warner

Writer:Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

Director: Ken Bentley and Lisa Bowerman

Release: August 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019