The Condemned (#105)

Big Finish Main Range

Eddie Robson should be employed by Big Finish to pick the scripts, as well as write them! And he should write a minimum of 3 scripts a year. Possibly more! He has already written Memory Lane and ID & Urgent Calls. Memory Lanewas clever but the ending didn’t work for me. But this story has the element of spooky and a “new” companion that’s really intense and very well done! There are some things that bother me a bit that keep it from being a 5 jelloid adventure but it really is up there in the very, very good adventures list!

First some questions. Why doesn’t Charley want to talk to the Doctor about meeting another him? Does she have any idea why he looks different, as does the TARDIS? Well, it would totally make sense that the TARDIS recognizes her and cooperates with her in Zagreus as she’s been there before. And Colin Baker’s Doctor seems rather less rambunctious than he normally is. A new person in the TARDIS is usually cause to make him spout off and be a show-off. But not Charley. Hmmm. That part’s all kind of odd. But we’ll have fun finding out what’s going to happen later!

This adventure is very mysterious and spooky. Atmospheric, even. If I was in an “inspector” mood, I probably would’ve been trying to figure out who Sam is and why he keeps calling people. I really like Maxine and Sam, and even DI Menzies, as they go about trying to figure out the mystery. The cause of everything, Slater, is callous and really not very understanding of the problems he could run into on a backwater like Earth. hehehe. Though how Sam and Antonia planned to run off together is the biggest mystery of all!

It’s a start to their travels together, the Doctor and Charley. We’ll just have to see where it leads! It will definitely not be a cooperative effort all of the time as the both have secrets and hidden agendas. This will be interesting!

Colin Baker and India Fisher

Writer: Eddie Robson

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: February 2008

Laura Vilensky 2019