The Great Space Elevator (#3.02)

Big Finish, Companion Chronicles

The first five-ten minutes of a Victoria story always put me off because of Deborah Watling’s voice. It almost sounds like she has something she is speaking around but perhaps there were some difficult times for her in her life to make it so. I have to say that Victoria is FINALLY being given some good things to do! She is investigating things, being used as bait (though that’s not unusual), and thinking for herself in this story. Love that!

The biggest issue I had with this story is the alien interloper. The space elevator itself is fascinating and well described from what little I’ve heard about such a concept. Jamie and Victoria get to run around on the space station helping the 2nd Doctor figure out what’s going on, then stopping the bad alien from winning the day. I am a big fan of the 2nd Doctor and this is a quintessential story from his time, getting the general atmosphere feeling spot on. But I was disappointed that the alien menace was so easily defeated. All it needs is electricity? Then why isn’t it sucking up all of the batteries it can find to get stronger? Hmmm. But it doesn’t ruin the story, just gives it a 4 jelloid rating instead of a 5.

Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield) and Helen Goldwyn (Tara Kerley)

Writer: Jonathan Morris

Director: Nigel Fairs

Release: August 2008

Laura Vilensky 2019