Murder at Moorsey Manor (#7.3)

Big Finish Jago and Litefoot Series

This has turned out to be a fantastic season for J&L! Only the season where they’re in the 60s was more fun but that was even less just consistently fantastic. These writers have been great for all of the stories so far. This story goes with a mystery angle and I won’t ruin the “surprise” that begins the story, too. There is a mysterious house with a group meeting together for a party of sorts. Then the owner of the house begins killing off the people in the house, one by one, at the top of each hour. And mayhem ensues!

Jago and Litefoot are there in search of information from the butler/house boy, who is the first killed, of course. So they’re trapped in the house with the others, motive of the owner unknown. But the focus is on clocks. And the story speeds right along! It’s really very well done. This season has been top notch!

Christopher Benjamin (HGJ), Trevor Baxter (Prof George Litefoot), Adrian Rawlins (Inspector Abberline), Lizzie Roper (Miss Florence Woolley/Beatrice the Maid), Philip Pope (Dr. Reginald Peacock/Mr Rippon/Baker), Brian Protheroe (Merridew/Driver), Philip Drury (Carlton/Major Fanshaw), Flaminia Cinque (Crone)

Writer: Simon Barnard and Paul Morris

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: April 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019