The Third Doctor: Vol 2

Big Finish, Special Release

Big Finish made a smart move when they chose TimTreloar to emulate the 3rd Doctor for these stories. He is just fantastic! I’ll admit that the 3rd Doctor is one of my least favorite Doctors but with these stories, I’m really starting to appreciate him more and more. These are fantastic!

The Transcendence of Ephros –by– Guy Adams

This story is set on Ephros just before it will explode. No one seems to know why it will explode, except one person who isn’t telling. The planet is surrounded by a metal shell so the company, Galactux Power, can harvest the energy of the explosion. For some reason, no one thought to just go underground and check out those weird heat readings. Or perhaps they just never came back… Seems a little expensive to create a shell around a planet if you don’t know what’s going on. Perhaps it just doesn’t matter as long as the corporation makes money? Sounds like an American company then!

Things get really crazy and interesting in the final act as the Doctor tries to save the disciples of Sortan. And our true villain, who I was surprised by, shows their face. Nicely done, if a little meh, Guy Adams. I liked it very much, though.

The Hidden Realm –by– David Llewellyn

This story focuses on Bramfield New Town, a British town where disappearances have been going on for over 60 years. There are so many yet no one’s really taking any notice at a higher level? That was a little difficult to believe. There’s a nursery rhyme about magpies I’ve never heard before (ahhh, to be British!) that is interwoven in. Did the alien hear it and think A-HA!? The alien in this particular scenario is a scavenger offering his services, though how he advertises I’ll never know. A newspaper advert? This is too early for the Internet, though that would be ideal.

But I really loved this story. And the ending quote from Jo is fantastic, “It really is you, isn’t it?” She’s making sure it’s the Doctor and, naturally, it isn’t but it is! Loved that! The Doctor uses his wits and abilities as a Time Lord to solve this little problem. And along the way, there are personality replacements and lots of little fun things that would be rather funny to watch – the Doctor fighting over his own body with another? That would be some physical humor indeed! This may deserve a 4 out of 5 but I just loved the concept and thought it was pulled off perfectly. Great stuff!

Tim Treloar(The Doctor),Katy Manning(Jo Grant),Simon Bubb(Temper/Follower 1),Richenda Carey(Mother Finsey),Bernard Holley(Karswell),Nigel Peever(Quail/Deputy),Karen Henson(Bartram/Follower 2),Clare Buckfield(Stephanie Andrews),Robert Whitelock(Peter Andrews),Sandra Voe(Miss Barnett),Richard Earl(DCI Finch),Alex Lanipekun(DS Joseph),George Asprey(Overseer Zim )

Writers: Guy Adams, David Llewellyn

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: November 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019