The Hesitation Deviation (6.12)

Big Finish - Short Trips

A Benny and the 7th Doctor story where they land on a planet to enjoy the best Christmas ever and instead find an alien virus waiting for the Doctor. Naturally. Sigh. I understand how it works but what I really don’t understand is how it’s only in Benny. She manages to trick it but isn’t it still in everyone else? Isn’t her memory of the Doctor actually wiped? How does she get away with that without getting a memory wipe? Trusting in the virus to make the cyborg malfunction somehow? It’s very strangely done, the ending, in a way that doesn’t really work for me.

Sometimes these short trips just have that one flaw and it can be frustrating. Otherwise it’s a good story with a lot of running pointlessly, it seems to me. In snow. Though they certainly don’t know the city well enough to hide! This virus seems a bit like a Word Lord in disguise almost. So I just didn’t love this one. Servicable and has a good twist but it doesn’t quite explain itself well enough for my satisfaction.

Narrator: Lisa Bowerman

Writer: James Goss

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: December 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019