Invaders from Mars (#28)

Big Finish Main Range

This is an interesting adventure, combining Orson Wells and the War of the Worlds with an actual invasion? Very cool! And the humor thrown in makes the adventure much more fun. Odd that I have so much to say about the audios that I don’t like but the ones I like, I think they speak for themselves. Gangsters aren’t the usual fare I enjoy but Mr. Gatiss has a good one here! It works better than Phantasmagoria, that’s for sure.

The Doctor never appears to be in any real danger and doesn’t seem that concerned about losing Charley, which would be my only real complaint. Not that the Doctor has to be in deadly danger with every episode… J Perhaps he’s not concerned about finding Charley because it’s at least her time period. Otherwise, with these minor issues, it’s a fun ride all the way through.

Paul McGann and India Fisher

Writer/Director: Mark Gatiss

Release: January 2002

Laura Vilensky 2019