Epitaph (4.2)

Big Finish Special Release

Volumes of these stories are digging further and further into the soul, past, and consciences of the Liberator crew, which is fun to listen to! Jenna seemed to be the most ‘together’ of the crew of the Liberator and yet with this story, we see where she came from and the pain her family and friends have endured. Vila and Jenna are tricked into being part of her brother’s attack on a Federation outpost. The attack isn’t what he indicates but I won’t spoil that part of it. And Jenna shows herself to be a very capable captain of a ship, getting things organized and getting everyone out when the mission’s over. And she is now the last of the family Stanis with her own agenda aboard the Liberator as well.

Though we get to hear Vila spew the lock picking mumbo jumbo, he really isn’t useful in this story except to give Jenna someone to protect, a companion in battle as it were. This is really Jenna’s story and Scott Harrison has given her a past and a reason to battle on against the Federation. Though this story isn’t happy, it isn’t really sad, either. Just filled with resolve. Buckets full of it!

Sally Knyvette (Jenna) and Michael Keating (Vila)

Writer: Scott Harrison

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: May 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019