The Horror at Blechington Station

Big Finish - Short Trips, Subscriber Extra

This story has Dodo and the 1st Doctor landing in England during a rainstorm in the 1800s. There is a creature protecting something in the woods by the new train station and Dodo’s determined to find out what. The Doctor, meanwhile, isn’t interested in getting involved for a very specific reason. Though I would think that it should be the opposite! So Dodo and some of the plate layers (people putting down the tracks, though did they use plates? Not here in the states so I found the name confusing) go to find out what is going on. Ultimately, the Doctor steps in and fixes the problem but not until lives are lost, unfortunately. This story captures the atmosphere of the first Doctor stories but it’s not all that interesting. Fun but not something I’d listen to multiple times.

Narrator: Stephen Critchlow

Writer: Chris Wing

Release: March 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019