Big Finish - Special Release

This is a difficult one to pin down. I think the time period is the 19th century but one character has a walkie talkie type of thing and they know that mercury is bad so perhaps it’s just early 20th century? I’m just not sure. Plus Peri and the Doctor are on a “vacation” cruise where the Captain’s a bit of a nutter and the First Mate is just a downright greedy guy. The ship they’re on has been in a storm for 4 days when the story starts and it isn’t letting up, while something is haunting the boat. And there’s a sick passenger. And it seems like there are only 5 people on board yet there is crew and apparently other passengers. The choice to keep the others to the background is efficient but a bit strange to listen to as the other people are mentioned but we never really hear them above a murmur at dinner.

So I rather like this story overall but the strange behavior of the Captain, doing 180 degree turns in how he acts towards the Doctor and De Requin just isn’t really explained or understandable. It’s a strange little story, that’s for sure. And the way the ending unfolds really doesn’t gel for me either. This seems like a story for the 5th Doctor and Peri as the Doctor’s reactions aren’t explosive and out of sorts enough for the 6th Doctor’s norm. Very odd indeed.

Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant (Perpigilium Brown), Tony Beck (Chief Mate De Requin), Michael Cuckson (Captain Callany), Billy Miller (Nereus), Naomi Paxton (Amy Ivans)

Writer: Elliot Thorpe

Director: Gary Russell

Release: December 2005

Laura Vilensky 2019