No Place Like Home

Big Finish Special Release

This story is a fun jaunt through the TARDIS with the Doctor and Erimem wandering the hallways. Shayde is helping the Doctor by saving him and Erimem from certain death within the TARDIS. I love how the Doctor and Erimem react when they find the Gallifreyan Rovie. Then he gives the Doctor a scolding for being a hero, basically, before the Doctor and Erimem figure out how to defeat him.

This is one of those classic, one-off stories that really is entertaining throughout. It’s a little silly without being funny but great to listen to nonetheless. And the remote control device installed by Shayde was the cause of all of the issues – so the Time Lords try to control the Doctor and instead cause a possible destructive path for the universe. This is an example of having less being more. 4.5 characters (Antranak the cat being a half) in the story and it’s really just an entertaining listen! Loved it.

Peter Davison, Caroline Morris (Erimem), Mark Donavan (The Rovie and Shayde)

Writer: Iain McLaughlin

Director: Gary Russell

Release: January 2003

Laura Vilensky 2019