The Last (#62)

Big Finish Main Range

Whoopsie. Wasn’t paying attention and listened to the stories out of order. This one is both a commentary on the futility of war and just how little the Doctor actually pays attention to his companions sometimes. C’rizz speaks to the dead and the Doctor doesn’t quite believe him. The Doctor’s used to being the one who has the answers so he believes in himself, in what he knows and brings to the table, so to speak. However, in this case, his companions are just more intuitively able to comprehend Boltresoye and the consequences of their own actions and inactions. Of what the planet needs from them all.

Charley being paralyzed? We know that can’t last so it becomes a non-issue as a listener. I never really feel that she’ll stay paralyzed, despite her speeches to the contrary. And C’rizz begins to display his monk-ish powers to the others but they don’t really understand. In a previous story, he says that he has spent his time in devotion to learning and understanding the way of peace. But as the stories progress and more is revealed, his path of peace isn’t the turn the other cheek ideal but the crush the opposition so there can be peace ideology. Or at least that’s what we’re led to believe. He seems in denial of this or we’re just not to realize this yet in The Twilight Kingdom as they get him to fight and use weapons. In this audio, he speaks to the people of the planet, becoming their voice in the world as it moves towards rebirth.

Why is the Doctor “reborn” at the same point when they initially came in instead of earlier? It seems all very mysterious but never, ever threatening. Though it’s entertaining and I really like that the Doctor isn’t the most knowledgeable person around, he never really admits that fact and dismisses everything else based on his perceptions. So there’s the potential to have this be excellent, it’s just very good. Gary Hopkins also wrote Other Lives which is similar in that it’s very good but once again, the companions and the Doctor get separated, having their own adventures and the Doctor isn’t the most knowledgeable one around. And C’rizz must do something that seems against his nature… but is it? But that’s a tale for another review!

Paul McGann, India Fisher, and Conrad Westmaas

Writer: Gary Hopkins

Director: G-Russell

Release: October 2004

Laura Vilensky 2019