The Bellova Devil (1.2)

Big Finish Jago and Litefoot Series

I have to admit that I lost the thread at times due to the accents in this story. It wasn’t difficult to get through overall and it was a very fun story to listen to, establishing the personalities of Jago and Litefoot. But the accents made it difficult to pick out who was who at times.

I found it fascinating that there were both sides of the vampire mythos in action here – Jago believing in vampires and Litefoot using science to explain the mythology. And science wins out until that very last moment of the story! There is always something inexplicable and beyond understanding in these stories and I really enjoy that about them. This helps bridge the time period gap for me. Instead of dismissing the science of the 19th century, I can see the basic principles of science that are later expanded on in the 20th century and beyond. And the superstitions of the time too through Jago’s eyes. Fascinating stuff though this story wasn’t the best of the bunch. It did add to the character of our heroes so it was good, just not great.

Christopher Benjamin, Trevor Baxter, Lisa Bowerman (Ellie), Conrad Asquith (Sgt. Quick), Toby Longworth (Dr. Tulp), Stephen Thorne, Duncan Wisbey, Alex Mallinson

Writer: Alan Barnes

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: June 2010

Laura Vilensky 2019