The Man Who Wasn’t There (6.11)

Big Finish - Short Trips, Season 6

This story starts with Charley waiting for her hero, Mon Marche, to show up. And he doesn’t. No matter where they go from his stories, apparently a book Charley read as a child, he’s not there. They keep asking about him and, predictably, their asking puts out the word that he was where they were looking. And there’s a bit of a Time Lord attempted intervention, pointing out to the 8th Doctor that Charley is an anomaly, though this doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose except to point out where this encounter is in the Charley – 8th Doctor adventures timeline. And they turn out to be the creators of the myth that is Mon Marche.

I found this to be very predictable and if not for Charley, it could’ve been any Doctor. Sometimes it seems that writers don’t quite “hit” the unique voice of the 8th Doctor and it becomes generic, especially in these short form stories. It’s not horrible, just kind of blah. Though fun to listen to!

Narrator: India Fisher

Writer: Ian Atkins

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: November 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019