The Silver Turk (#153)

Big Finish Main Range

Wowee, wow! Now this is a very cool Cyberman story -- the best for the 8th Doctor since The Sword of Orion! Okay, maybe the only one? But I doubt that. Mary Shelley, his newest companion, is finally expressing the doubts that I think most companions should -- this is crazy, I don't belong here in this time, why am I here? And she's fighting off the monsters quite handily, too. And having empathy, not doing everything the Doctor tells her without questioning why, and kicking butt and taking names while she's at it! I will admit that this appears to be another story on a Frankenstein and his monster theme, though it gets turned on it's head ultimately. That isn't a bad thing, though. I just loved this story and I can't wait to see how Mary Shelley handles other worlds with her perspective. Quite the difference from the Edwardian Adventuress, Charlie!

Welcome back to the main audio line, 8th Doctor! Oh how I missed you...

Paul McGann and Julie Cox

Writer: Marc Platt

Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: October 2011

Laura Vilensky 2019