The Caves of Erith

Big Finish - 8th Doctor Special Release

It took me a couple of minutes to actually figure out which Doctor this story was about (I couldn't see the image). Until he calls her Lucie, I was at a loss. And this story could've been about any Doctor and companion - 5th Doctor and Peri, 8th Doctor and Charley, 6th Doctor and Flip. This story has the Doctor and Lucy taking up lodgings at a home, though why they're there is a bit mysterious. And they meet Oscar, who turns out to be a budding scientist teenager with a somewhat skewed ethical view of the world.

The Doctor and Lucy follow him to a cave, where they're taken prisoner by the XXX who are trying to take the Erith (Earth) back from the humans. The story goes along predictably and ends the same. It's good but not fantastic. Oscar isn't anything but a mopey teen. The grumpy leader of the cave dwellers is out to get the humans and the secondary "leader" is a caring one. It's too short to really spin the characters into something unique.

Stephen Critchlow (narrator)

Writer: Alice Cavendar

Release: December 2015

Laura Vilensky 2019