The Trial of George Litefoot (6.4)

Big Finish Jago and Litefoot Series

This starts out promising, though a bit strange. Perhaps it’s just the 18th century politics (or is it 19th?) that I don’t get. The mustache twirling Colonel sets up Jago and Litefoot with the help of Morpeth, a solicitor, who has more money than sense. Both of them want to rule the world and somehow the secret service only sends one person to stop them? Were the rest of the agents out on vacation or in other countries? So Jago ends up being the council for the defense, the hung jury declares Litefoot guilty, as expected, and when Jago reveals himself to be alive, they’re both arrested instead!

And then it gets weird. Not in an alien invasion weird but just logically weird. Does no one question the evidence or “facts”? Perhaps it’s just that Morpeth is supposedly above board with his dealings. Why was Agatha there if they weren’t suspicious of the Colonel? He even says that he was working for her Majesty’s government until recently. So was it too recent? It seems that the facts are dismissed with a wave of the hand in order to get our heroes in the thick of the running around and adventuring stuff. And that disappointed me quite a bit. I think I see the end goal, which I won’t ruin for you, but getting there was a bit suspect. And I realize that somehow “time” has wiped their memory of the Doctor from their minds. But they do still have the Time Cabinet, no? So it didn’t thrill me this last of series 6 adventure. But I will buy series 7 to find out what happens.

Christopher Benjamin (HGJ), Trevor Baxter (Professor Litefoot), Lisa Bowerman (Ellie), Conrad Asquith (Sergeant Quick), Geoffrey Whitehead (The Colonel), Nancy Carroll (Agatha), David Timson (Morpeth)

Writer: Justin Richards

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: September 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019