The Bloodless Soldier (1.1)

Big Finish Jago and Litefoot Series

A few soldiers are fighting in India and their Captain is injured by a mysterious animal. They bring him back to England for treatment and enter Dr. Tulp, the mysterious, bald-headed doctor without a conscience. Or at least nothing resembling one that doesn’t further his nefarious ends. At a guess, this is a werewolf story without a happy ending. But as a first story for a quite successful series, this is fantastic!

Sgt. Quick says “You find heroes in the most unlikely places, Miss. It’s the ones that don’t seem so brave, you don’t think have it in ‘em, and then surprise us when it really matters. They’re the real heroes.”

This quote is about Ellie’s brother Jim, Jago, and many others to come in these stories. A really well done ending to this story – quite emotional and sad. This ending really ties this group of friends together – Ellie, Jago, and Litefoot. The story is well acted but the werewolf scenario seems out of place. For someone so well read, hasn’t Professor Litefoot read about werewolves in his investigations of the extraordinary? Very odd that. And a lot of chase scenes where the soldiers are trying to find the werewolf while it’s killing. But very goodotherwise!

Christopher Benjamin, Trevor Baxter, Lisa Bowerman (Ellie), Conrad Asquith (Sgt. Quick), Toby Longworth (Dr. Tulp), Alex Lowe, John Banks, Robin Bowerman, Alex Mallinson

Writer: Justin Richards

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: June 2010

Laura Vilensky 2019