The Time Vampire (#4.10)

Big Finish, Companion Chronicles

The description of this story on the Big Finish site makes a lot more sense than this story does! When it begins, Leela is recalling a memory from a strange adventure with the 4th Doctor where K-9 is acting strange and they encounter a “time vampire,” which isn’t really a vampire but a creature drifting through time. Leela moves from time period to time period, back and forth through the events on this doomed planet with the Doctor, even briefly seeing the 2nd Doctor, I think. Things start to become clearer and the adventure is pretty entertaining but then the ending comes. And I’m not sure what happens.

It seems like Leela is the “time vampire” rescued from a Z-nai prison by K-9 over a thousand years into the future. I think that’s it but how she becomes this creature is really not clear. Nothing in what happens is really clear at all, to be honest. Good ideas but it’s all swirled in a blender and poured out for your consumption. Nice try, Nigel Fairs, but you lost me on Leela and her future.

Louise Jameson (Leela) and John Leeson (K-9)

Writer/Director: Nigel Fairs

Release: May 2010

Laura Vilensky 2019